No Image No Image is a free online game where you can show how much you know about soccer. Register for free, join into a tournament, enter your predictions and start getting points. If you are the one with more points at the end of a tournament, you will be the winner and the cup of the tornament will be added to your user profile. Getting points you will be able to win the following recognitions

Cups Medals Golden Shoe Ice Cube

Objective is a game where you can show how much you know about soccer. You can choose between several tournaments of all around the world, give your predictions and get points. If you are able to get more points than everybody, you will be the new King of the Tournament. You can join a national league or an international cup. Click on "Open Tournaments" on the top menu, and you will see all the tournaments you will be able to join and start playing. Once you join a tournament, you can start to enter your predictions and get points.

Scoring System
On each game you can get points that allows you to become the King of the tournament. The scoring system works as follows:

Type of Hit Points
Exact score 10
Hit on winner or draw 3
Local team goals (*) 2
Away team goals (*) 2
Goal difference (*) 1
Exact result 4
(*) - Only if exists a hit on winner or draw.

Real Score
Red Team 1 - 0 Green Team

Your Prediction Points
Red Team 1 - 0 Green Team No Image  You had predicted the real score!!
Red Team 2 - 0 Green Team No Image  3 pts for the winner + 2 pts for the away team goals
Red Team 2 - 1 Green Team No Image  3 pts por acertar el ganador + 1 pts for the goal difference
Red Team 3 - 1 Green Team No Image  3 pts for the winner
Red Team 1 - 3 Green Team No Image  You did not predict the winner
Red Team 1 - 1 Green Team No Image  You did not predict the winner

Important: The final score of any match will be the registered at the end of the 90 minutes of the match. NO extra time or penalty shoutout will be considered.

Who wins the Tournament?
The one with more points in a Tournament will be the winner. If two ore more participants have the same score, the one with more exact results predicted will be ranked better than the others.

There are 2 kinds of users in the game:

Type of User Description
Normal Users Are those who play and enjoy this game for free.
Special Users There are two different VIP users: Official Staff Members. No Image
They make this game possible, they are the developers of the game.

Team Member No Image
They help us in some administrative tasks, such as forum moderation.
VIP Users No Image
This kind of users have access to extra features like:
- Unlimited group of friends.
- More tournaments stats viewers (not yet implemented).
- They are able to see other users predictions, but only for closed rounds

Multiple accounts for a single person is NOT ALLOWED and that means that every person (either normal user or VIP) must have one and only one account. If somebody don't respect this, the official staff will be allowed to take the actions they consider it needs to be applied.

In there are 2 types of tournaments:

Leagues: Are those tournamets of a particular country.

Internationals: International tournaments played by national teams or clubes from different parts of the world.

Joinning a Tournament
Once a Tournament is opened, you will be able to play in ONE league tournament and ONE international tournament at the same time. You can join a tournament from the "In Progress Tournaments" option at the top menu.

User Type Tournaments you will be able to join
Normal User You will be able to play in ONLY ONE league tournament and ONLY ONE international tournamet at the same time. Once you join into a league tournament, you WON'T BE ABLE to play in another league tournament until it finishes. In other hand, you can join into an international tournamet, but once done, you will need to wait until it finishes to can play in other international tournament.
VIP User NO RESTRICTIONS will be applyed and you will be able to join all the tournamets you want.

Once you join a tournament, you start with 0 (zero) points, no matter if the tournament has already started or not.

You can enter your predictions until one day before the start of each round, either for Leagues or International tournaments. In some tournaments, as a World Cup, the teams are divided in groups, and in that situation each round must be understood as Group Stage, Round of 16, Quarter Finals, Semifinales, Finals. So, even if the Group Stage is played in several days, ALL the predictions MUST be entered before the first game of the round, more specific, until one day before of the firsts game of the round. Once the limit date is passed, you will not be able to enter your predictions for the round.

Groups of Friends
Besides of compete against all users registered in a tournamet, each user can create and/or join a Group of Friend to compete with your fiends.
Normal Users: will be able to create or join ONLY ONE Group of Friends for active tournaments. That means if you create a Group of Friends, you WILL NOT be able to create or join another one until the tournament get finished. Once the tournament had finished, you will be able to create or join one new Group of Friends.
VIP Users: There are no restrictions in the number of Group of Friends yoy can create/join.

When you create a Group of Friends, send its name to your friends so they can search the group by clicking on the Search option in the top menu and selecting Group of Friends in the search options criteria.

Good luck and thanks for playing with us!!
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